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  Sheltered in Place as Newly-Weds

While sheltering in place during the thick of the Covid-19 Pandemic as newly-weds, Carlton implored his wife to bake a family favorite, the Navy Bean Pie, which has been shared throughout the Black Muslim Community since the 1930’s. Using a basic recipe her mom had given her a while back, Zakiyyah began experimenting with the pie seeking to recreate the perfect bean pie taste she remembered from her childhood. Several pies and a month or two later she developed the current Baby Bean Pie recipe. After sharing the pie with friends, family and community members, they realized they had a gem after receiving overwhelming feedback and... orders. Three months later The Muhammad’s took the steps to establish an official business and catering company. 


Growing organically through word of mouth, the demands of business became so great that they were turning down orders. So, at this time in September 2020, Zakiyyah quit her 9-5 job and decided to put her all into their new and emerging family business. We haven’t looked back since. 

From Studio Apartment to Stores Around the Bay

In just one year of business, Baby Bean Pie has been sold in several stores and restaurants throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been featured on the evening news twice and in several news articles. We have also been accepted into a culinary collective that is focused on supporting and facilitating the growth of small POC businesses in the food industry. 


When you taste our products, it's more than just pie, it’s more than wafers or soup or bread, you’re getting a formal introduction to our family and community. We believe that our growth and success thus far can be directly attributed to the principles in which we base our life, the way that we serve and the relationships we build. We strive to keep Service, Piety, Integrity, Community and Excellence [ SPICE :) ] at the core of everything we do. 


Baby Bean Pie LLC is a family owned and operated artisan bakeshop specializing in plant based food products that ‘Taste Good For You’. 


Baby Bean Pie was founded in 2020, by couplepreneurs Zakiyyah & Carlton Shaheed-Muhammad. Zakiyyah is a degreed Nutritionist and mama-taught Chef born and raised in Oakland, CA. Carlton is a security expert and natural communicator from Richmond, VA. The pair got married in April of 2020, with a small ceremony of just 10 people. 



To provide deliciously wholesome foods made with the Navy Bean that inspire fellowship and happiness with every bite.


To build and expand a brand of nutritious products available throughout the nation while keeping Service, Piety, Integrity, Community and Excellence [SPICE] at the core of everything we do.